GDI 306: Additional Interpretations

Instructions provided in GDI 306 cover two items of importance not classified elsewhere; Cutting Provisions for D Select Grade and Grading Rough Stock.


GDI 306: Cutting Provisions for D Select Grade

A virtual cutting provision is permitted in grading D Select boards 10 feet and longer ONLY. This provision allows a grader to ignore an otherwise limiting defect for a D Select board if the following criteria is met:

  • More than one defect may be permitted, but all defects must be contained within the 5% virtual cut.
  • The defect must be located either within 5% of the length on the end OR in the middle portion of the piece leaving at least 3 feet of usable lumber at each end.
  • The 5% cut shall be a cross-cut.
  • Only one 5% cut provision may be used per board.
  • The 5% cut is counted as 4 pin knots when determining the total number of pin knots allowed.


The following table lists the 5% provision for various board lengths:

Length of Board Length of 5% Provision
10′ 6″
12′ 7.2″
14′ 8.4″
16′ 9.6″


Please refer to the image above for a visual interpretation of this provision.

GDI 306: Grading Rough Stock

Paragraph 1.6 of the Standard Grading Rules for Northeastern Lumber establishes that lumber graded in the rough may allow slightly larger than maximum defects if those defects will plane to no larger than the maximum defect allowed after the board is surfaced to minimum dressed size as listed in Section 1, paragraph 3.0 through 3.6 of the Grading Rules.

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