Grader Training

The courseware developed for NELMA’s Grader Training follows a natural, visual-learning approach to learning the intricacies of how to identify the grade of lumber.  Each level of training will guide an individual in steps through the education process, beginning with basic identification of wood characteristics to more advanced grading concepts. The courseware contains the following levels:

For Eastern White Pine:

Level 100: Characteristics – 5 courses

Level 200: Grade Application – 6 courses

Level 300: General Definitions & Instructions (GDI) – 7 courses

Level 400: Build a Board (NEW!)

For Spruce Pine Fir:

Level 100: Introduction and Characteristics

Each topic within each level of courseware ends with a quiz.  Students must pass the quiz for each topic in sequence to be able to take the next course level quiz.  Once registered, a student’s Profile page will track their progress, in addition to their Above Board game scores by level.

In order to access the courses you need to register or login if you already have an account
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