GDI 300: Introduction

Level 300 of the Grader Training program provides advanced instructions on how to apply defects not clearly defined within the Standard Grading Rules for Eastern White Pine (Section 3).  The 6 courses presented within this level will build upon the grading knowledge learned in Level’s 100 and 200.  These guidelines are intended to assist in the proper application of the rules and not modify or supersede any specific rule provision.

While commonly referred to as “The Interpretations”, this advanced information is available as a supplement to the NELMA Standard Grading Rules within  a separate printed document titled General Definitions & Instructions for Grading Eastern White Pine Boards.


GDI 300: Introduction

The General Definitions & Instructions for Grading Eastern White Pine is a supplemental publication to the 2013 Standard Grading Rules for Northeastern Lumber.  A copy of this 13-page booklet is available from NELMA (207-829-6901), or view/print online at under the “Library” information tab and subsequent “Standard Grading Rules” link.

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