Grade Application 200: The Grades

Eastern White Pine grade descriptions set forth the limiting characteristic that may occur in the lumber of each grade. Therefore, the rules describe the poorest pieces of the grade.  All, or nearly all, of the permissible characteristics of the grade are never present in maximum size or number in any piece.  Any piece with an unusual combination of characteristics which seriously affect normal serviceability is excluded from the grade.

Boards graded under NELMA Eastern White Pine Grade Rules are graded from the best face; however, the poorer face must meet the stated criteria for the better face, otherwise the grade of the piece must be graded to a grade in which the poorer face would be admitted.  For example, a board which has a Premium face, must grade no lower than sound Standard on the reverse face.  If a board with a Premium face has a reverse face that grades Industrial, the board could not be graded any higher than Standard.

The following course pages  will provide a basic  introduction to each of the 5 grades of Eastern White Pine as a natural starting point to applying what was learned in the previous Characteristics 100 course pages.


Grade Application 200: C-Select

C Select – This is the highest NELMA Pine grade.  While some of the pieces are clear, most pieces have minor characteristics which do not affect their high appearance or quality.  Material of this grade is best used for natural or stained finish, fine woodworking or exterior trim.

Grade Application 200: D-Select

This grade takes is appearance from both the select and the common grades.  It’s characteristics are more pronounced than C Select, but are well spaced giving more clear material.

Grade Application 200: Finish

This is a fine appearance knotty grade calling for sounds, tight knots .  Material of this grade can be finished to take advantage of the natural highlights of the piece or to give a fine smooth painted surface.  The reverse face of Finish shall permit sound characteristics typically found in Standard.

Grade Application 200: Premium

This is a good appearance knotty grade.  It is used in the same area as Finish where larger more more numerous characteristics are desired.  The reverse face of Premium shall permit sound characteristics typically found in Standard.

Grade Application 200: Standard

This is a highly serviceable grade used chiefly for construction.  It may be used where a  rustic decorative appearance is desired.  The reverse face of Standard permits the allowable characteristics of Industrial.

Grade Application 200: Industrial

This is the lowest common board grade.  It admits large characteristics in any combination as long as the piece is usable full length.  This material is generally used in rough construction where strength and appearance are not of primary importance.

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