How to Play

You will be grading images of 1”x8”x8’ Eastern White Pine boards. Each game lasts three minutes. The total number of boards you will have the opportunity to grade is dependent upon the lug speed you select (15 boards when 5 lugs per minute (lpm) is chosen, 30 boards at 10 lpm, and 45 boards at 15 lpm. Choose wisely!


Here’s how to play:

Boards will enter from the left.  You’ll need to inspect and grade them before they leave the screen.

– You can move the board up and down using your mouse, the up and down arrow key, or the controls to the right.

– You can flip the board with your mouse, hitting the left or right key, or the controls to the right.

– Once the board is highlighted in measurements, select the grade and move on to the next board.


Important Note:   Only select the grade AFTER the measurement tool has highlighted the board to ensure your answer is tallied correctly.


Scoring is as follows:

Each player starts with 100 points.

– Off by 2 grades = -2 points

– Off by 1 grade  = -1 point

– Skipped Boards  = -1 point

– Missed Boards = -2 points

Important Note: Above Board is best played using the latest version of web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. If you experience issues while playing the game, check to see what web browser version you are running on your computer operating system. Updates are generally free downloads from the web browser’s website.

Good luck.  Have fun.

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